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Profile Publications (4)
Name: Cheryl A. Telmer
Position: Research Biologist
Research Description:
Biological systems are diverse and complex and span many levels of organization and time. Evolution performs experiments very slowly, genomics analyzes changes, and genetic engineering allows for the rapid testing of gene expression and modifications. During many years of research I have been very fortunate to work with a wide variety of scientists using many different experimental approaches. In the Hinman Lab I look forward to being involved with Echinobase and exciting genomics research, and contributing to developmental and regeneration studies using these fascinating marine organisms.

Lab Memberships

Hinman Lab (Post-doc)

Contact Information

Carnegie Mellon University
Department of Biological Sciences
Hinman Lab
Mellon Institute Rm. 636
4400 Fifth Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA
15213, USA

Personal Phone:  412 608 2997
Phone:  412 268 9290