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Profile Publications (3)
Name: Dr. Lionel Christiaen
Position: Associate Professor of Biology
Research Description:
Our current research focuses on:

The cellular and molecular mechanisms that establish and maintain collective cell polarization during TVC migration. We study the gene regulatory network downstream of FoxF, the regulated effector genes, the polarized cellular processes and the extrinsic signals influencing TVC polarity.

The cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling heart vs. ASM fate specification and ASM collective migration. We study the regulation of COE in the TVC lineage. We obtained whole-genome transcription profiles for heart and ASM precursors. We use these data to compare TVC and ASM migrations and identify migration-specific effector genes and regulatory network modules.

Contact Information

Silver Center
100 Washington Square East
951G Brown
New York, NY
10003, USA

Web Page:
Phone:  212-992-8695