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Name: Noriyuki Satoh
Research Description:
A genome contains all of the genetic information of a given organism. Recent decoding of genome sequences of various animals since the turn of the century has promoted genome sciences and systems biology as the next revolution in the biological sciences. The Marine Genomics Unit (MGU) at OIST has been conducting research in four major areas, based on genome decoding: (1) Developmental and evolutionary genomics on the origin and evolution of chordates; (2) A new scientific approach toward understanding the establishment and collapse of mutualism between corals and symbiotic dinoflagellates (Symbiodinium), and crown-of-thorns starfish problem (termed environmental genomics); (3) Functional genomics of various, specialized functions that metazoans developed evolutionarily, and (4) Metazoan genome decoding projects in collaboration with zoologists throughout Japan and abroad, with the hope of sequencing genomes from all animal phyla.

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