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Profile Publications (13)
Name: Bernard M Degnan
Position: Professor
Research Description:
We are interested in the genomic, cellular and developmental mechanisms that underpin the evolution, formation and functioning of animals. Our lab studies a wide range of coral reef invertebrates - sponges, echinoderms, molluscs and ascidians - some that have traits of economic and environmental value and others that act as models to address fundamental questions in biology and biomedicine.
1. Origin of animal complexity
We seek to understand the nature and evolution of the genome-encoded rules governing animal systems, including development, stem cells and regeneration.
2. Marine biology and biotechnology
We undertake basic, strategic and applied research into the molecular, cellular and developmental biology of coral reef invertebrates, including development of novel biocontrol strategies.
3. Genomics and evolution of biomineralization
We study the formation and patterning of complex biomaterials comprising marine skeletons and shells, some which are of commercial value.

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University of Queensland
Brisbane, Qld

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