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Profile Publications (2)
Name: Dr. Marina Martínez-Bartolomé
Position: Postdoc
Research Description:
During my Ph.D. at Range lab at Auburn University, I studied the molecular mechanisms and gene regulatory networks during early patterning of the sea urchin embryo. 

Now, as a postdoctoral researcher at Röttinger lab at the Institute for Research on Cancer and Aging in Nice (IRCAN), I am interested in unlocking the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie whole-body regeneration in the cnidarian sea anemone Nematostella vectensis. In particular, my current research focuses on the apoptosis-dependent mechanisms during the tissue crosstalk required to induce a regenerative response.

Contact Information

28, Avenue de Valombrose
Faculté de Medecine (7th floor)
Institute for Research on Cancer and Aging, Nice (IRCAN)
Nice, Cedex 2
06107, France

Web Page:
Phone:  +33 06 22 24 77 83