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Name: Dr. Laura Romano
Position: PI
Research Description:
My research is focused on understanding the evolution of diversity. That is, I am interested in the molecular basis of anatomical, physiological, and behavioral differences that exist among organisms. I address the question of “how the zebra got its stripes” from the perspective of developmental biology. This discipline focuses on how the genetic material (i.e. DNA) regulates the transition of a fertilized egg into an adult. Many developmental biologists, including myself, are specifically focused on understanding the functional consequence of changes in genes and/or their transcriptional regulation (i.e. how they are turned ON and OFF); such changes can alter the outcome of embryonic development, including disease susceptibility in humans. I use a marine invertebrate, the sea urchin, as a model system. Over the past few years, I have been analyzing genes that regulate formation of the larval skeleton in the "primitive" pencil urchin. 

Since publishing a major paper in 2016 (the culmination of a grant from the NIH), I have specifically focused on two genes that allow the skeletogenic cells to migrate to their appropriate destinations within the embryo; these same genes are associated with metastasis in humans. As always, undergraduate students are involved in my research program, often accompanying me to professional conferences held throughout the US.

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Romano Lab (Principal Investigator/Director)

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Phone:  740-587-6337