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Dr.  Charles Shuster



Research Description

Our lab is interested in the regulation of the cytoskeleton in embryonic and somatic cells. In particular, our efforts are focused on understanding how the microtubule- and actomyosin cytoskeletons contribute to cytokinesis, the final separation of daughter cells during cell division. Proper cell division requires that chromosome segregation and cytokinesis be tightly regulated in space and time, but the mechanisms by which the cell cycle coordinately regulates these events remain unclear. In cells of the early embryo, is matters are complicated further by their large cell size, low surface area, and lack of functional cell cycle checkpoints. In an effort to approach these complicated questions, our lab uses several experimental models and approaches. Shown at the right are two images of our primary experimental models, mammalian tissue culture cells and sea urchin eggs.

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Shuster Lab (Principal Investigator/Director)




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Personal Phone:  575-646-1325