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Wray Lab

Research Interests

Human Origins, Evolutionary Genomics, Evolution of Gene Regulation, Gene Network Evolution

Research Area

Dr. Wray studies the evolution of genes and genomes with the broad aim of understanding the origins of biological diversity. His approach focuses on changes in the expression of genes using both empirical and computational approaches and spans scales of biological organization from single nucleotides through gene networks to entire genomes. At the finer end of this spectrum of scale, Dr. Wray's lab is focusing on understanding the functional consequences and fitness components of specific genetic variants within regulatory sequences of several genes associated with ecologically relevant traits. At the other end of the scale, researchers are developing molecular and analytical methods to detect changes in gene function throughout entire genomes, including statistical frameworks for detecting natural selection on regulatory elements and empirical approaches to identify functional variation in transcriptional regulation. At intermediate scales, Professor Wray is investigating functional variation within a dense gene network in the context of wild populations and natural perturbations. His research leverages the advantages of several different model systems, but primarily focuses on sea urchins and primates (including humans).

Current Members

Wray, Gregory (Principal Investigator/Director)



Institution: Duke University


Web Page:

Personal Phone: 919-684-6696